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Mr. Jobhopper

Fabrizio D'Alisera Online Sax Lessons

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Welcome to my  web site!

Here you can find equipment reviews : saxophones, mouthpieces, reeds and accessories that I have personally tested.

I’m a Sequoia saxophones and Theo Wanne endorser, so you can ask me whatever you want about this products, that I know quite well.

There is also a lesson section on different topics, with clear explanations and progressive exercises.

You can download completely free this jazz fusion lick.

Every opinion would be appreciated: with your advices  I can make this site better and let it become a meeting point for sax players.

I will keep you update on my musical activity : concerts, workshops and recordings.

Have a good time on 

My first album as a leader “Mr. Jobhopper” with the Italian label Alfa Music is out now…

Mr. Jobhopper

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